"I will never use another company again."

It is with great pleasure that I recommend e.e. tours as the #1 tour company to plan your next NYC group trip. My experience with them this past year has been nothing but pleasurable.

In the past 11 years, I've taken six trips with approximately100 high school students and parents on a custom dance/theatre tour of New York City, and I've handled the planning differently each time. I've gone from having tour companies plan the entire trip to purchasing and planning every aspect of the trip myself. Each time, prior to planning the trip, I always look for a company that can "make my life easier". This year I sent out inquiries to several companies and got an immediate reply from e.e. tours. Not only did they respond quickly, but prior to contacting me they researched my high school and my high school dance website; they even watched video clips of my students dancing! I was surprised and impressed that they took the time to find out so much about me BEFORE I was even a client.

Matt and Nora took care of all the trip details before I even boarded our plane to New York, and they made everything seem easy. Because I had had some bad experiences with other tour companies, I was cautious about "letting go" and letting e.e.tours take care of everything. Both Matt and Nora were patient with my calls and emails to "check the details". They were always happy to answer questions, investigate ideas, and follow up with me. Communication between us was always quick and concise.

They were also quick to remedy any issues that arose on my end...issues that included adding people to the group AFTER theatre tickets had been purchased and changing a name with the airlines just two days before the trip. And when an airline cancelled our San Francisco to NYC flight, e.e. tours was quick to be sure that the new flight met all of the needs of our group. This level of service is simply remarkable, and is something I learned is the norm for e.e.tours.

Upon meeting Matt at JFK International Airport, I confidently heaved a sigh of relief within the first 15 minutes of meeting him. I could tell that he was on top of every detail and not only had a plan "B" for every situation, he had a plan "C', "D" and "E"! He made the trip fun and easy and to be honest, this was the first time that I could actually relax on the trip and fully enjoy seeing my students discover dance in New York City.

As an experienced leader of large group educational trips, I'm completely sold on e.e. tours. I will never use another company again.

Robyn Tribuzi
Director of Dance
San Mateo High School